FAQs (Commissions)

Below are some commonly asked questions and answers, if you have a question, please email me at lucy@lucypotter.com


Can you draw from a pic of a clothed person and make them naked?

  • Yes I can if you provide a head and shoulder photo of that person

Can you draw me with another person, i.e. friend of celebrity?

  • Yes this isn't a problem if you supply your pics and some head and shoulder pics of the person you want

Can you draw me in a sex scene?

  • Yes, if you describe yor scenario I will do my best to provide that for you

Are there any limits to what you will agree to draw?

  • Very few, you can discuss your project by email, all I ask is that certain subjects are kept private not for sharing

Do you have any age limits?

  • No but again certain ages will need to be private and for your own collection and not shared

How long does it take to finish a drawing?

  • This depends on my workload and the content of the drawing

Can I just have a digital copy instead of the actual drawing?

Do you ever draw with a 'live' model?

  • No I only draw from photos, pictures or scenarios, 'life' drawing is a different medium to my 'fine art' drawing

Can you send my drawing by standard post instead of tracked post?

  • Yes but I cant take any resonsibilty if if gets lost in the post

Will my original drawing have your name printed across it like on your website?

  • No, it will just have my signature and date beneath it in pencil and a descriptin on the reverse

Can you send me some samples of other client's drawings?

  • No as that would be breaking my client's confidence. Any drawings that have permission to be shared can be found on the 'Samples of Commission Works' link

Do you ship to any country?

  • Yes I offer free worldwide tracked shipping