Your drawing can only be as good as your photo

When selecting your photo for your drawing, please bear in mind that I can only draw what I can see. Therefore your digital image needs to be of a good size, have good lighting and be in focus. Also it needs to be the complete picture, i.e. no missing limbs such as arms or the top of the head.

If you are taking a selfie, I can lose the phone in your drawing so try to position your hand and arm in a way that the missing phone isn't too obvious.

All portraits are drawn onto a plain white background. If you want me to 'lose' other items from the drawing, this isn't normally a problem. If you would like a natural 'seascape' as a background, let me know when ordering.

Photo Tips

Creating a picture

I can create a drawing from more than one photo, for example putting people/celebs together from various photos. This is ideal for creating a couple, family portrait, selfie with a celeb or to include friends etc. For this, try to select photos where the colour and lighting is similar, although this can be done here at the studio in many cases. Where your drawing includes a celeb, send me a pic or the name of the celeb and I will research a decent pose to match your senario. Family photos including underage children should be of a naturist theme without any sexual suggestions.

Vintage portraits

I am able to produce drawings from old black and white so long as the original has good depth of tone and is in focus. Scratches etc are not usually a problem.

If you have any other questions, please ask as I'll be very happy to help you get the 'picture' you want.


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